Welcome to the First Issue

This is the very first issue of IttyBliss — thanks for being here from day one.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou.

On Medium: “The Peculiar Gift of Cancer”

Part of discovering our bliss is learning how to deal with suffering. An event that breaks you down offers a chance to release and reconcile. This week, I wrote a deeply personal essay about my mom’s cancer and how it’s changed the two of us for the better.

+We may not accept death, but we certainly know that everything dies. This knowing helps us “accept it more easily when it happens to somebody close to you,” writes Eckhart Tolle. Outside we hurt, inside there’s peace.

Really Not Trying to Be Morbid Here…
I know, it’s the first newsletter of IttyBliss and I go right into death—I promise it’s not my plan or my intention. Just happens to be that way.

One way of looking at death is rebirth. Ask the brightest yogi in the room and they might agree. So, thanks for understanding. I promise more uplifting stuff ahead.

The Most Essential Practice

There’s nothing more essential than breathing.

Try this: focus solely on your breath for at least five minutes. Observe air going in, going out. Observe your thoughts as you stay with each full breath. Observe yourself in this space. Then, let it go. Do it again tomorrow. Repeat.

+Meditation starts with conscious breathing. Meditation starts with quieting the mind. Meditation, for me, started with Sharon Salzberg.

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