Itty Bliss for May 12


“Ad astra per aspera.” —State motto of Kansas

Optimistic or realistic?

Both. When I started this newsletter, I had to question if it would fall into the trap of blind happiness mentality — one continuous stream of happy quotes and double rainbows. You don’t really want that, do you? Besides, life isn’t like that. It’s through our suffering that we find the meaning, purpose and bliss.

Know Your Triggers

Everyone has triggers — certain situations or thoughts or people which stir discomfort and dread in you. Nightline anchor Dan Harris freaked out on air. Six years later, he’s a meditator…and still anchor. Know your trigger. It’s the one thing that has the power to set you free.

Then Get to Know Yourself

If you can observe your triggers, it’s easier to create space around them. Over time, and with the help of a daily practice like yoga or meditation, you triggers will no longer define or control you. This is the awakening of your true self.


And Stop Watching CNN

Like seriously. Stop watching it.

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